Article posted on August 1, 2017

Aquila Diagnostic Systems Inc. to Present at 2017 Animal Health Investment Forum in Kanas City

Aquila Diagnostics Selected to Present at 2017 Animal Health Investment Forum in Kanas City

Aquila Diagnostic Systems Inc. is pleased to announce that it has been selected to present at the Animal Health Investment Forum, which will take place on August 29th, 2017 in Kansas City Missouri at the Kansas City Convention Center. 

Aquila was selected by a committee of industry leaders to present at this year’s event. Aquila is launching a point of care molecular diagnostic testing system for the veterinary and livestock sector. Aquila’s patented hydrogel PCR system offers fast, low cost testing for multiple disease targets.

The KC Animal Health Investment Forum offers one of the only opportunities in the world for early stage companies in the animal health sector to present their vision and business plan to potential investors. Companies presenting at the Forum have raised over $260 million. Several have also received licensing agreements or distribution contracts.

Aquila is seeking funding to expand its product portfolio and strategic partners to help bring its products to market.

About Aquila Diagnostic Systems Inc.
Aquila Diagnostic Systems Inc. (Aquila) is an Edmonton based company developing the AccutasVET, a hydrogel based point of care molecular diagnostic system. The hydrogel matrix contains all of the reagents for performing highly sensitive diagnostic tests at the point of care.

Aquila will launch its patented molecular (DNA/RNA) diagnostic technology in the large North American and European markets for companion animal (canine and feline) care. What differentiates Aquila’s technology is the ability to offer this gold-standard testing, with sample-to-results in one-to-two hours, in the veterinarian’s clinic. By performing testing at the point-of-care, the current practice of sending samples to remote laboratories for testing and waiting 48-72 hours to receive results can be eliminated, allowing for treatment to be initiated faster.

What further differentiates the Aquila technology is its application to dramatically improve the quality of high-volume diagnostic tests in veterinary clinics. Moving molecular diagnostic testing from off–site centralized laboratories into a veterinary clinic is disruptive. Replacing insensitive and high volume visual inspection and antibody tests with gold-standard molecular diagnostic tests is game-changing.

Aquila’s technology provides a significant competitive advantage in the veterinary animal health diagnostic testing market. The worldwide market for the first 12 products on Aquila’s product roadmap is an estimated $2.0 billion

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Aquila Contact: Mr. Brent James, CEO,

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